Toyota’s global hybrid vehicle sales continue to accelerate with a million units registered in the last 9 months, bringing the total over the 7 million mark.

The Japanese manufacturer now boasts a hybrid range consisting of 28 different passenger car models (including the Prius Plug-in hybrid) currently sold in more than 90 countries and regions. The new model strategy for 2014-2015 features 15 new hybrids, including in the UK the new Lexus NX 300h crossover and RC 300h coupe.

Toyota plan to add more hybrid vehicles to their roster and build upon the 7.053 million sales reached at the end of September.

As of 30 September, Toyota estimates that their hybrid vehicles have reduced the amount of CO2 entering the atmosphere by approximately 49 million tonnes, compared to the impact the same number of equivalent petrol-powered vehicles would have. On the same basis, it also estimates its hybrids have saved around 18,000 million litres of petrol.

Toyota entered hybrid vehicle production in August 1997 with the launch in Japan of the Coast Hybrid EV bus, followed in December by the first generation Prius, the world’s first mass-produced hybrid car. In the UK Prius launched Toyota’s hybrid market in 2000. Since then Toyota’s hybrids have enjoyed increasing support from customers around the world.

Toyota’s hybrid system is designed as a core technology that can be used in different forms to create environmentally efficient vehicles for different customer requirements. The company say they will continue to work to raise performance, reduce costs and expand its product line-up – including the introduction of environmentally efficient non-hybrid vehicles.


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