As of January 2018, Ecolane Limited announces that all future consultancy will be conducted through Next Green Car Limited. After 18 years of successful consultancy, Ecolane is transferring all its activities to its sister company Next Green Car as part of a consolidation of resources.

With well over 2 million electric vehicle now deployed world-wide, Ecolane has completed its mission to convince the public and private sectors that EVs are the power-train of the future.

Since 2000, Ecolane has been groundbreaking on three counts: first in promoting battery and fuel cell electric vehicles as practical and viable alternatives; second in exploring how tax incentives could most effectively promote zero-emission vehicles; and third, communicating to the consumer the availability of and advantages offered by EVs.

Ecolane would like to publicly thank all its previous clients for their custom and support, client which include the Committee on Climate Change, Department for Transport, Heathrow Airport Limited, Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership and Department of Climate Change.

While the automotive industry is now broadly preparing for an electric future, the pathways to a fully electric and connected EV industry are only just beginning. As director at Next Green Car, I look forward to continuing to work with the industry to ensure zero-emission mobility becomes the dominant technology.

Dr Ben Lane, Director at Ecolane and Next Green Car.

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