White paper: Continuous Vehicle Emissions Monitoring (CVEM) – 2016

Working in partnership, Next Green Car and NXP Semiconductors, propose the use of Continuous Vehicle Emissions Monitoring to complement laboratory and RDE vehicle emissions testing. While the initial vehicle emissions standards (which form part of type approval) were highly successful in reducing real-world vehicle emissions by an order of magnitude, the rate of reduction has […]

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Heathrow CVP EV Trials – 2015

Ecolane is supporting the Heathrow EV Trials which is coordinated and managed by Ricardo Energy & Environment and part of the Clean Vehicle Partnership (CVP). The aim of the EV Trials is to assess the operational and cost issues of introducing electric vehicles airside at Heathrow as part of its wider commitment to surface emissions […]

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White paper: Innovative on-street EV charging solutions – 2015

Photo: GE WattStation While around 70% of UK households have access to an off-street location which can potentially be used for charging an EV, around 30% of UK households (40% in London) do not have suitable location for home-based, overnight EV charging. This is potentially a significant barrier for EV adoption given the early stages […]

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Evidence Base Review of Travel-related Business Practices – 2013/14

The Department for Transport (DfT) commissioned an evidence base review (EBR) to underpin work to enable and encourage ‘green growth’ including more sustainable travel-related business practices. The purpose of the EBR was to inform a subsequent programme of work to segment businesses by the factors which are important in determining, and/or being measures of, the […]

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