Development of Low Emission Hub website – 2013/2014

Working through STS, Ecolane designed the ‘Low Emission Hub’ website for the Low Emission Strategies Partnership. The Low Emission Hub focuses on local policies, plans and measures that reduce transport emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases, and comprise a database and web application, allowing users to view, search and browse different policies and measures. […]

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Pathways to high penetration of electric vehicles – 2013

The Committee on Climate Change commissioned Element Energy, Ecolane and the University of Aberdeen to characterise pathways to deliver high rates of adoption of electric vehicles in the car and van sectors to 2030. Specific objectives of the project include an assessment of the current, near-term and potential market for electric vehicles, the identification of […]

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Heathrow Clean Vehicles Partnership (CVP) – 2011/2014

Working through STS, Ecolane contributes to the CVP which helps companies identify and implement cost-effective measures for improving the environmental performance of their business and fleet transport operations. This programme has been run annually since 2006 with BAA to support companies at Heathrow to reduce their transport related NOx, particulate and carbon emissions as part […]

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LowCVP Fuel Economy Label Survey – 2012

The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership commissioned Ecolane Consultancy and the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) supported by the University of Aberdeen to test a series of alternative fuel economy label designs to explore private car buyers’ attitudes regarding the information presented. The project was also designed to explore how a future fuel economy label could […]

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Member of DECC Low Carbon Framework Expert Group – 2011

Ecolane is a member of the expert group which will support the development of the 9 local carbon framework pilots in the UK which are part of the Departments of Climate Change’s programme: ‘Decentralisation: Empowering Local Authorities to Drive Climate Change’. Project lead by the Energy Saving Trust. Project is now completed. Final project report: […]

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