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Ecolane provides independent advice on how to reduce the environmental
impact of road transport through the promotion of low carbon vehicles

The company's services include: market analysis of low-carbon vehicles, life cycle assessments (LCAs) of transport modes, vehicle emissions audits (CO2, NOx), car consumer attitude surveys, analysis of vehicle purchasing behaviour, and modelling the impacts of new systems of vehicle taxation.

Ecolane also has extensive experience in developing server-based datasets and online tools related to transport emissions, and provides ongoing data support to the UK website Next Green Car.

Ecolane is based in Bristol in the South West of England in the United Kingdom. The organisation became incorporated in 1999, continuing work conducted by the sole trader company of the same name.

The company's director is Dr Ben Lane, whose career has spanned both academic research and independent consultancy in both the public and private sectors. He is particularly interested in the application of consumer attitude research to the effective marketing for low carbon vehicles.

Office - Spike Island, 133 Cumberland Road, Bristol BS1 6UX, UK
Phone - 0117 929 8855
Mobile - 07896 299 354

Ecolane Limited: Company registered in England & Wales : Company No. 3730117
Registered ofice: 46 Green Street, Bristol, BS3 4UB, United Kingdom : VAT No. 885319683

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Company News

January 2014: Ecolane is contributing to an evidence base review for DfT to encourage green growth including more sustainable travel-related business practices. Project nearing completion.

December 2013:
The Committee on Climate Change published final report by Element Energy, Ecolane and the Univ of Aberdeen to characterise pathways to deliver high electric vehicle adoption rates in the UK car and van sectors to 2030.

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